Pronunciation: kôrps
n.1.A human body in general, whether living or dead; - sometimes contemptuously.
2.The dead body of a human being; - used also Fig.
He touched the dead corpse of Public Credit, and it sprung upon its feet.
- D. Webster.
Corpse candle
a - A thick candle formerly used at a lich wake, or the customary watching with a corpse on the night before its interment. (b) A luminous appearance, resembling the flame of a candle, sometimes seen in churchyards and other damp places, superstitiously regarded as portending death.
Corpse gate
the gate of a burial place through which the dead are carried, often having a covered porch; - called also lich gate.
Noun1.Corpsecorpse - the dead body of a human being
Synonyms: cadaver, remains, stiff, clay

CORPSE. The dead body (q.v.) of a human being. Russ. & Ry. 366, n.; 2 T. R. 733; 1 Leach, 497; 16 Eng. Com. L. Rep. 413; 8 Pick. 370; Dig. 47, 12, 3, 7 Id. 11, 7, 38; Code, 3, 441.
     2. As a corpse is considered as nullius bonis, or the property of no one, it follows that stealing it, is not, at common law, a larceny. 3 Inst. 203.

ashes, barebones, bean pole, beanstalk, bones, broomstick, carrion, clay, clothes pole, corpus delicti, crowbait, dead body, dead man, dead person, decedent, dry bones, dust, earth, embalmed corpse, food for worms, lanky, late lamented, mortal remains, mummification, mummy, organic remains, rattlebones, relics, reliquiae, shadow, skeleton, slim, spindlelegs, spindleshanks, stack of bones, stiff, stilt, tenement of clay, the dead, the deceased, the defunct, the departed, the loved one, twiggy, walking skeleton
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