common fraction

Noun1.common fraction - the quotient of two integers
Synonyms: simple fraction
billionth, eighth, fifth, fifth part, fourth, fourth part, fraction, half, hundredth, millionth, ninth, one percent, one-billionth, one-eighth, one-fifth, one-fourth, one-half, one-hundredth, one-millionth, one-ninth, one-quadrillionth, one-quintillionth, one-seventh, one-sixth, one-sixtieth, one-tenth, one-third, one-thousandth, one-trillionth, quadrillionth, quarter, quartern, quintillionth, seventh, simple fraction, sixth, sixtieth, ten percent, tenth, tenth part, third, thousandth, three-fourths, tierce, trillionth, twenty percent, twenty-five percent, two-thirds
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