n.1.A chief; one who has supreme authority; a leader; the chief officer of an army, or of any division of it.
A leader and commander to the people.
- Is. lv. 4.
2.(Navy) An officer who ranks next below a captain, - ranking with a lieutenant colonel in the army.
3.The chief officer of a commandery.
4.A heavy beetle or wooden mallet, used in paving, in sail lofts, etc.
Commander in chief
the military title of the officer who has supreme command of the land or naval forces or the united forces of a nation or state; a generalissimo. The President is commander in chief of the army and navy of the United States.
Noun1.commander - an officer in command of a military unit
2.commander - someone in an official position of authority who can command or control others
3.commander - a commissioned naval officer who ranks above a lieutenant commander and below a captain
4.Commandercommander - an officer in the airforce
A per se, ADC, CO, OD, ace, admiral, aide, aide-de-camp, boatswain, boss, brigadier, brigadier general, captain, castellan, champion, chatelain, chatelaine, chicken colonel, chief, chief engineer, chief mate, chief of staff, chief petty officer, colonel, commandant, commander in chief, commanding officer, commissioned officer, commodore, company officer, dean, deck officer, director, ensign, exec, executive, executive officer, field marshal, field officer, first lieutenant, five-star general, fleet admiral, four-star general, fugleman, general, general officer, generalissimo, genius, governor, head, higher-up, intendant, jemadar, junior officer, laureate, leader, lieutenant, lieutenant colonel, lieutenant commander, lieutenant general, lieutenant junior grade, major, major general, manager, marechal, marshal, master, mate, naval officer, navarch, navigating officer, navigator, nonpareil, officer, one-star general, orderly officer, paragon, patron, petty officer, pipes, principal, prodigy, quartermaster, rear admiral, risaldar, ruler, sailing master, second mate, senior, senior officer, shavetail, shipmaster, sirdar, skipper, staff officer, star, subahdar, subaltern, sublieutenant, superior, superman, superstar, the Old Man, the brass, the greatest, the most, three-star general, top brass, top dog, two-star general, vice admiral, virtuoso, warrant officer, watch officer
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