n.1.A separate portion of a written paper, paragraph, or sentence; an article, stipulation, or proviso, in a legal document.
The usual attestation clause to a will.
- Bouvier.
2.(Gram.) A subordinate portion or a subdivision of a sentence containing a subject and its predicate.
1.See Letters clause or Letters close, under Letter.
Noun1.clause - (grammar) an expression including a subject and predicate but not constituting a complete sentence
2.clause - a separate section of a legal document (as a statute or contract or will)
Synonyms: article

CLAUSE, contracts. A particular disposition which makes part of a treaty; of an act of the legislature; of a deed, written agreement, or other written contract or will. When a clause is obscurely written, it ought to be construed in such a way as to agree with what precedes and what follows, if possible. Vide Dig. 50, 17, 77; Construction; Interpretation.

adjectival phrase, article, back matter, bill, book, boundary condition, calendar, catch, chapter, column, companion bills amendment, construction, donnee, dragnet clause, enacting clause, escalator clause, escape clause, escape hatch, expression, fascicle, fine print, folio, front matter, gathering, given, grounds, headed group, hold-up bill, idiom, idiotism, installment, joker, kicker, limiting condition, livraison, locution, manner of speaking, motion, noun phrase, number, obligation, omnibus bill, page, parameter, part, passage, peculiar expression, period, phrasal idiom, phrase, prerequisite, privileged question, provision, provisions, proviso, question, requisite, rider, saving clause, section, sentence, serial, set phrase, sheet, signature, sine qua non, small print, specification, standard phrase, stipulation, string, syntactic structure, term, terms, text, turn of expression, turn of phrase, ultimatum, usage, utterance, verb complex, verb phrase, verbalism, verse, volume, way of speaking, whereas, word-group
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Clausal Language
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Claustral prior
Clausula inconsuetae semper indicunt suspicionem
Clausula quae abrogationem excludit ab initio non valet
Clausula vel dispositio inutilis per praesumptionem remotam vel causam
Clausum fregit
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