class Monocotyledonae

Noun1.class Monocotyledonae - comprising seed plants that produce an embryo with a single cotyledon and parallel-veined leaves: includes grasses and lilies and palms and orchids; divided into four subclasses or superorders: Alismatidae; Arecidae; Commelinidae; and Liliidae
Alismales, Alismatidae, Angiospermae, Anthophyta, Arecidae, class, class Angiospermae, class Liliopsida, class Monocotyledones, Commelinidae, division Anthophyta, division Magnoliophyta, endogen, Liliidae, liliopsid, liliopsid genus, Liliopsida, Magnoliophyta, monocot, monocot genus, monocotyledon, Monocotyledonae, Monocotyledones, Naiadales, order Alismales, order Naiadales, subclass Alismatidae, subclass Arecidae, subclass Commelinidae, subclass Liliidae
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class Insecta
class Lamellibranchia
class Larvacea
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class Monocotyledones
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