n.1.(Bot.) The edible nut of a forest tree (Castanea vesce) of Europe and America. Commonly two or more of the nuts grow in a prickly bur.
2.The tree itself, or its light, coarse-grained timber, used for ornamental work, furniture, etc.
3.A bright brown color, like that of the nut.
4.The horse chestnut (often so used in England).
5.One of the round, or oval, horny plates on the inner sides of the legs of the horse, and allied animals.
6.An old joke or story.
Chestnut tree
a tree that bears chestnuts.
a.1.Of or pertaining of a chestnut; of a reddish brown color; as, chestnut curls.
Noun1.chestnut - wood of any of various chestnut trees of the genus Castanea
2.chestnut - any of several attractive deciduous trees yellow-brown in autumn; yield a hard wood and edible nuts in a prickly bur
Synonyms: chestnut tree
3.chestnut - edible nut of any of various chestnut trees of the genus Castanea
4.chestnut - a small horny callus on the inner surface of a horse's leg
5.chestnut - a dark golden-brown or reddish-brown horse
Adj.1.chestnut - used of hair; of a golden brown to reddish brown color; "a chestnut horse"; "chestnut hair"
Joe Miller, Titian, adust, auburn, banality, bay, bay-colored, bayard, brazen, bromide, bronze, bronze-colored, bronzed, brownish-red, buckskin, calico pony, carroty, castaneous, chestnut-brown, cliche, commonplace, commonplace expression, copper, copper-colored, coppery, corn, cupreous, dapple-gray, dun, erythristic, familiar tune, ferruginous, foxy, gray, grizzle, hackneyed saying, henna, joke with whiskers, lieu commun, liver-brown, liver-colored, livid-brown, locus communis, mahogany, old joke, old saw, old song, old story, old turkey, old wheeze, paint, painted pony, piebald, pinto, platitude, prosaicism, prosaism, prose, red-crested, red-haired, red-polled, red-tufted, reddish-brown, reiteration, retold story, roan, rubiginous, rufous, russet, russety, rust, rust-colored, rusty, skewbald, sorrel, stereotyped saying, sunburned, terra-cotta, trite joke, trite saying, triticism, twice-told tale, warmed-over cabbage, xanthous
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