chemical group

Noun1.chemical group - (chemistry) two or more atoms bound together as a single unit and forming part of a molecule
Synonyms: radical, group
acyl, acyl group, alcohol group, alcohol radical, aldehyde group, aldehyde radical, alkyl, alkyl group, alkyl radical, allyl, allyl group, allyl radical, amino, amino group, arsenic group, azido group, azido radical, azo group, azo radical, benzoyl group, benzoyl radical, benzyl, benzyl group, benzyl radical, building block, butyl, cacodyl, cacodyl group, cacodyl radical, carbonyl group, carboxyl, carboxyl group, chemical science, chemistry, chromophore, cyanide group, cyanide radical, cyano group, cyano radical, glyceryl, group, hydrazo group, hydrazo radical, hydroxyl, hydroxyl group, hydroxyl radical, ketone group, methylene, methylene group, methylene radical, molecule, nitrite, nitro group, propyl, propyl group, propyl radical, radical, unit, uranyl, uranyl group, uranyl radical, vinyl, vinyl group, vinyl radical
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