n.1.The act, process, or result of canceling; as, the cansellation of certain words in a contract, or of the contract itself.
2.(Math.) The operation of striking out common factors, in both the dividend and divisor.
Noun1.cancellation - the act of cancelling; calling off some arrangement
2.cancellation - the speech act of revoking or annulling or making void

CANCELLATION. Its general acceptation, is the act of crossing a writing; it is used sometimes to signify the manual operation of tearing or destroying the instrument itself. Hyde v. Hyde, 1 Eq. Cas. Abr. 409; Rob. on Wills, 367, n.
     2. Cancelling a will, animo revocandi, is a revocation of it, and it is unnecessary to show a complete destruction or obliteration. 2 B. & B. 650; 3 B. & A. 489; 2 Bl. R. 1043; 2 Nott & M'Cord, 272; Whart. Dig. Wills, c.; 4 Mass. 462. When a duplicate has been cancelled, animo revocandi, it is the cancellation of both parts. 2 Lee, Ecc. R. 532.
     3. But the mere act of cancelling a will is nothing, unless it be done animo revocandi, and evidence is admissible to show, quo animo, the testator cancelled it., 7 Johns. 394 2 Dall. 266; S. C. 2 Yeates, 170; 4 Serg. & Rawle, 297; cited 2 Dall. 267, n.; 3 Hen. & Munf. 502; Rob. on Wills, 365; Lovel, 178; Toll. on Ex'rs, Index, h.t.; 3 Stark. Ev. 1714; 1 Adams' Rep. 529 Mass. 307; 5 Conn. 262; 4 Wend. 474; 4 Wend. 585; 1 Harr. & M'H. 162; 4 Conn. 550; 8 Verm. 373; 1 N. H. Rep. 1; 4 N. H. Rep. 191; 2 Eccl. Rep. 23.
     4. As to the effect of cancelling a deed, which has not been recorded, see 1 Adams' Rep. 1; Palm. 403; Latch. 226; Gilb. Law, Ev. 109, 110; 2 H. Bl. 263: 2 Johns. 87 1 Greenl. R. 78; 10 Mass. 403; 9 Pick. 105; 4 N. H. Rep. 191; Greenl. Ev. Sec. 265; 5 Conn. 262; 4 Conn. 450; 5 Conn. 86; 2 John. R. 84; 4 Yerg. 375; 6 Mass. 24; 11 Mass. 337; 2 Curt. Ecc. R. 458.
     5. As to when a court of equity will order an agreement or other instrument to be cancelled and delivered up, see 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 3917-22.

abandonment, abbreviation, abolishment, abolition, abridgment, abrogation, annulment, arabesque, basketry, basketwork, blot, blotting, blotting out, blue-penciling, bowdlerization, cancel, canceling, cancelling, cassation, censoring, censorship, cessation, counterbalancing, countermand, counterorder, cross-hatching, crossing-out, defeasance, deletion, discontinuance, editing, effacement, elimination, erasure, expunction, expurgation, filigree, frank, fret, fretwork, frustration, grace period, grate, grating, grid, gridiron, grille, grillwork, hachure, hatching, interlacement, intertexture, intertwinement, invalidation, lace, lacery, lacework, lacing, lattice, latticework, mesh, meshes, meshwork, moratorium, net, netting, network, neutralization, nullification, obliteration, offsetting, omission, plexure, plexus, postage, postage stamp, postmark, raddle, recall, recantation, renege, repeal, rescinding, rescindment, rescission, reticle, reticulation, reticule, reticulum, retraction, reversal, revocation, revoke, revokement, riddle, screen, screening, scrubbing, setting aside, sieve, stamp, stoppage, striking, suppression, suspension, termination, texture, thwarting, tissue, tracery, trellis, trelliswork, undoing, vacation, vacatur, vitiation, voidance, voiding, waiver, waiving, washing out, wattle, weave, weaving, web, webbing, webwork, weft, wicker, wickerwork, wiping out, withdrawal, write-off
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