Butch´er   Pronunciation: b
n.1.One who slaughters animals, or dresses their flesh for market; one whose occupation it is to kill animals for food.
2.A slaughterer; one who kills in large numbers, or with unusual cruelty; one who causes needless loss of life, as in battle.
Butcher's meat
such flesh of animals slaughtered for food as is sold for that purpose by butchers, as beef, mutton, lamb, and pork.
v. t.1.To kill or slaughter (animals) for food, or for market; as, to butcher hogs.
[imp. & p. p. Butchered ( ); p. pr. & vb. n. Butchering.]
2.To murder, or kill, especially in an unusually bloody or barbarous manner.
3.to bungle badly; to botch; - used also when an object is damaged (literally or figuratively) in an activity; as, the new choir butchered the hymn.
Noun1.Butcherbutcher - a retailer of meat
Synonyms: meatman
2.butcher - a brutal indiscriminate murderer
3.butcher - a person who slaughters or dresses meat for market
Synonyms: slaughterer
4.butcher - someone who makes mistakes because of incompetence
Verb1.butcher - kill (animals) usually for food consumption; "They slaughtered their only goat to survive the winter"
Synonyms: slaughter
To see a butcher in your dream, represents your raw emotions or some immoral behaviour. You may be testing the limits of your physical strength.Cain, amputate, annihilate, annihilator, apache, assassin, assassinator, assault, attack, ax, baggage man, bakehead, baker, barbarize, batter, be all thumbs, bisect, bloodletter, bloodshedder, blunder, blunder away, blunder into, blunder on, blunder upon, boggle, bollix up, bookdealer, bookseller, botch, brakeman, brakie, bravo, brutalize, bumble, bungle, bungler, burker, burn, button man, cannibal, carry on, carve, chandler, chop, cleave, clothing merchant, commit a gaffe, commit carnage, commit genocide, commit mass murder, conductor, confectioner, cut, cut away, cut in two, cut off, cutthroat, decimate, depopulate, desperado, destroy, destroyer, dichotomize, disembowel, dismember, dispatcher, dissever, draper, drysalter, eradicator, excise, executioner, exterminate, exterminator, faux pas, fireman, fishmonger, fishwife, fissure, florist, flounder, footplate man, footwear merchant, foul up, fruiterer, fuck up, fumble, furnisher, furrier, garroter, gash, go on, gorilla, greengrocer, grocer, groceryman, guard, gun, gunman, gunsel, haberdasher, hack, halve, hammer, hardwareman, hatchet man, head-hunter, hew, hit man, homicidal maniac, homicide, incise, ironmonger, jeweler, jigsaw, killer, lance, lay waste, lineman, liquidate, liquor merchant, loot, louse up, lumber, man-eater, man-killer, manslayer, mar, massacrer, matador, maul, mess up, miscue, muddle, muff, mug, murder wholesale, murderer, newsdealer, pare, perfumer, pesticide, pillage, play havoc with, poison, poisoner, porter, poulterer, prune, rage, railroad man, railroader, ramp, rampage, rant, rape, rave, redcap, rend, riot, ripper, rive, roar, ruin, sack, saddler, savage, saw, scissor, screw up, sever, slash, slaughterer, slay en masse, slayer, slice, slip, slit, smoke agent, snip, sow chaos, split, spoil, stationer, stationmaster, stoker, storm, strangler, stumble, sunder, switchman, tear, tear around, terrorize, thug, tobacconist, torpedo, trainboy, trainman, trainmaster, trigger man, trip, vandalize, vintner, violate, whittle, wine merchant, wreck, yardman, yardmaster
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