a.1.Having a broad, flattened front; as, the bluff bows of a ship.
2.Rising steeply with a flat or rounded front.
3.Surly; churlish; gruff; rough.
4.Abrupt; roughly frank; unceremonious; blunt; brusque; as, a bluff answer; a bluff manner of talking; a bluff sea captain.
n.1.A high, steep bank, as by a river or the sea, or beside a ravine or plain; a cliff with a broad face.
Beach, bluff, and wave, adieu.
- Whittier.
2.An act of bluffing; an expression of self-confidence for the purpose of intimidation; braggadocio; as, that is only bluff, or a bluff.
3.A game at cards; poker.
v. t.1.(Poker) To deter (an opponent) from taking the risk of betting on his hand of cards, as the bluffer does by betting heavily on his own hand although it may be of less value.
[imp. & p. p. Bluffed ( ); p. pr. & vb. n. Bluffing.]
2.To frighten or deter from accomplishing a purpose by making a show of confidence in one's strength or resources; as, he bluffed me off.
v. i.1.To act as in the game of bluff.
Noun1.Bluffbluff - a high steep bank (usually formed by river erosion)
2.bluff - pretense that your position is stronger than it really is; "his bluff succeeded in getting him accepted"
3.bluff - the act of bluffing in poker; deception by a false show of confidence in the strength of your cards
Synonyms: four flush
Verb1.bluff - deceive an opponent by a bold bet on an inferior hand with the result that the opponent withdraws a winning hand
Synonyms: bluff out
2.bluff - frighten someone by pretending to be stronger than one really is
Adj.1.bluff - very steep; having a prominent and almost vertical front; "a bluff headland"; "where the bold chalk cliffs of England rise"; "a sheer descent of rock"
Synonyms: bold, sheer
2.bluff - bluntly direct and outspoken but good-natured; "a bluff but pleasant manner"; "a bluff and rugged natural leader"
Herod, act, act a part, acting, affable, affect, affectation, aggressive, appearance, approachable, artful dodge, artifice, artless, assume, attitudinizing, bag of tricks, bamboozle, barefaced, bearish, beastly, beguile, betray, biggety, blagueur, blatherskite, blind, bluff off, bluffer, bluffing, blunt-edged, blunt-ended, blunt-pointed, blunted, bluntish, bluster, bluster and bluff, blusterer, blustering, boastfulness, boasting, bold, bombast, born yesterday, bosey, bounce, brag, braggart, bragging, brash, bravado, bravo, breakneck, brief, broad, brusque, bucko, bullshit, bully, bullyboy, bullying, bustle, cajole, candid, catch, cavalier, charlatan, cheat on, cheating, cheeky, chicanery, childlike, chouse, churlish, chutzpadik, circumvent, cliff, cocky, color, coloring, confiding, conjure, contemptuous, counterfeit, cover up, cozen, crag, crude, crusty, curt, curve, curve-ball, deception, delude, delusion, derisive, design, device, diddle, direct, dirty deal, dirty trick, disguise, disrespectful, dissemblance, dissemble, dissembling, dissimulate, dissimulation, dodge, double-cross, downright, dull, dull-edged, dull-pointed, dulled, dullish, dupe, edgeless, escarpment, explicit, facade, face, facy, faired, faker, fakery, faking, false air, false front, false show, falsity, fanfaron, fanfaronade, fast deal, feign, feigning, feint, fetch, ficelle, flip, flippant, flurry, fluster, forestall, forthright, four-flush, four-flushing, fourflusher, frankhearted, free, free-speaking, free-spoken, free-tongued, fresh, friendly, frighten off, front, fuss, gally, gambit, gammon, gasconade, genuine, get around, gilt, gimmick, gloss, good-natured, googly, gratuitous, gruff, guileless, gull, harsh, headland, headlong, heart-to-heart, hector, hectorer, hectoring, hoax, hocus-pocus, honest, hoodwink, hornswaggle, hot air, humbug, humbuggery, impersonator, impertinent, impostor, imposture, impudent, ingenu, ingenuous, innocent, intimidate, intimidation, joke, joker, juggle, kid, laconic, let down, let on, let on like, make a pretense, make as if, make believe, make like, malapert, malingerer, masquerade, meretriciousness, mock, mountebank, naive, nervy, no-nonsense, obtuse, openhearted, ostentation, out-herod Herod, outmaneuver, outreach, outsmart, outspoken, outward show, outwit, overreach, palisade, palisades, pass, pert, phony, pigeon, plain, plain-spoken, plainspoken, play, play a part, play one false, play possum, playact, playacting, ploy, plunging, pointless, pose, poser, poseur, posing, posture, precipice, pretender, pretense, pretension, pretext, profess, promontory, puffery, put on, put something over, put to flight, quack, quacksalver, quackster, rage, rant, ranter, rapid, rave, raver, representation, ringer, rodomontade, roister, roisterer, rollick, round, rounded, rude, ruse, saltimbanco, sassy, saucy, scar, scare away, scarp, scheme, scurvy trick, seeming, semblance, severe, sham, shammer, sharp, sheer, shift, short, show, side, simple, simplehearted, simpleminded, simulacrum, simulate, simulation, sincere, single-hearted, single-minded, slang, sleight, sleight of hand, sleight-of-hand trick, smart, smart-alecky, smart-ass, smoothed, snippety, snippy, snow, speciousness, splutter, sputter, storm, straight, straight-out, straightforward, stratagem, string along, subterfuge, surly, swagger, swaggerer, swashbuckle, swashbuckler, swashbucklery, swasher, tactless, take in, tart, terse, to the point, transparent, trick, truculent, trustful, trusting, two-time, uncalled-for, unchecked, unconstrained, unedged, unequivocal, unguarded, unpointed, unreserved, unrestrained, unsharp, unsharpened, unsophisticated, unsuspicious, unwary, vapor, vaporer, varnish, wall, wile, window dressing, wise-ass
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