Bar´rel   Pronunciation: băr´rĕl
n.1.A round vessel or cask, of greater length than breadth, and bulging in the middle, made of staves bound with hoops, and having flat ends or heads; as, a cracker barrel. Sometimes applied to a similar cylindrical container made of metal, usually called a drum.
2.The quantity which constitutes a full barrel. This varies for different articles and also in different places for the same article, being regulated by custom or by law. A barrel of wine is 31½ gallons; a barrel of flour is 196 pounds.
3.A solid drum, or a hollow cylinder or case; as, the barrel of a windlass; the barrel of a watch, within which the spring is coiled.
4.A metallic tube, as of a gun, from which a projectile is discharged.
5.A jar.
6.(Zool.) The hollow basal part of a feather.
Barrel bulk
(Com.) a measure equal to five cubic feet, used in estimating capacity, as of a vessel for freight.
Barrel drain
(Arch.) a drain in the form of a cylindrical tube.
Barrel of a boiler
the cylindrical part of a boiler, containing the flues.
Barrel of the ear
(Anat.) the tympanum, or tympanic cavity.
Barrel organ
an instrument for producing music by the action of a revolving cylinder.
Barrel vault
See under Vault.
v. t.1.To put or to pack in a barrel or barrels.
[imp. & p. p. Barreled (-rĕld), or Barrelled; p. pr. & vb. n. Barreling, or Barrelling.]
Noun1.Barrelbarrel - a tube through which a bullet travels when a gun is fired
Synonyms: gun barrel
2.barrel - a cylindrical container that holds liquids
Synonyms: cask
3.barrel - a bulging cylindrical shape; hollow with flat ends
Synonyms: drum
4.barrel - the quantity that a barrel (of any size) will hold
Synonyms: barrelful
5.barrel - any of various units of capacity; "a barrel of beer is 31 gallons and a barrel of oil is 42 gallons"
Synonyms: bbl
Verb1.barrel - put in barrels

BARREL. A measure of capacity, equal to thirty-six gallons.

abundance, acres, bag, bags, ball the jack, barb, barbule, barrels, basket, beeline, bole, boom, bottle, bowl along, box, box up, breeze, breeze along, brush, burden, bushel, butt, can, capsule, carton, case, cask, cilium, clip, column, copiousness, countlessness, crate, cut along, cylinder, cylindroid, drum, encase, encyst, filament, filamentule, fill, fleet, flit, flood, fly, fly low, foot, freight, go fast, great deal, hamper, hasten, heap, heap up, highball, hogshead, hustle, jar, keg, lade, lashings, load, lot, lump, make knots, mass, mess, mountain, much, multitude, nip, numerousness, ocean, oceans, outstrip the wind, pack, pack away, package, parcel, peck, pile, pillar, pipe, plenitude, plenty, pocket, pot, pour it on, power, profusion, quantities, quantity, quill, rip, rocket, roll, roller, rouleau, run, rush, sack, scorch, sea, shaft, ship, sight, sizzle, skim, smoke, spate, speed, stack, store, storm along, stow, superabundance, superfluity, sweep, tank, tear, tear along, thunder along, tin, tons, trunk, tube, tun, volume, whisk, whiz, world, worlds, zing, zip, zoom
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