prep.1.Primarily, this word expresses the relations of presence, nearness in place or time, or direction toward; as, at the ninth hour; at the house; to aim at a mark. It is less definite than in or on; at the house may be in or near the house. From this original import are derived all the various uses of at.
1.A relation of proximity to, or of presence in or on, something; as, at the door; at your shop; at home; at school; at hand; at sea and on land.
2.The relation of some state or condition; as, at war; at peace; at ease; at your service; at fault; at liberty; at risk; at disadvantage.
3.The relation of some employment or action; occupied with; as, at engraving; at husbandry; at play; at work; at meat (eating); except at puns.
4.The relation of a point or position in a series, or of degree, rate, or value; as, with the thermometer at 80°; goods sold at a cheap price; a country estimated at 10,000 square miles; life is short at the longest.
5.The relations of time, age, or order; as, at ten o'clock; at twenty-one; at once; at first.
6.The relations of source, occasion, reason, consequence, or effect; as, at the sight; at this news; merry at anything; at this declaration; at his command; to demand, require, receive, deserve, endure at your hands.
7.Relation of direction toward an object or end; as, look at it; to point at one; to aim at a mark; to throw, strike, shoot, wink, mock, laugh at any one.
At all
See under All, Home, Large, Last (phrase and syn.), Length, Once, etc.
At it
busily or actively engaged.
At least
See Least and However.
At one
See At one, in the Vocabulary.
Noun1.At - a highly unstable radioactive element (the heaviest of the halogen series); a decay product of uranium and thorium
2.at - 100 at equal 1 kip
2.(character)at - commercial at.
3.(networking)at - The country code for Austria.
Advanced Technology (IBM, PC)astatine, atomic number 85, chemical element, element, halogen
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