n.1.The act or art of forming letters and characters on paper, wood, stone, or other material, for the purpose of recording the ideas which characters and words express, or of communicating them to others by visible signs.
2.Anything written or printed; anything expressed in characters or letters
And Pilate wrote a title . . . And the writing was, Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews.
- John xix. 19.
3.Handwriting; chirography.
Writing book
a book for practice in penmanship.
Writing desk
a desk with a sloping top for writing upon; also, a case containing writing materials, and used in a similar manner.
Writing lark
(Zool.) the European yellow-hammer; - so called from the curious irregular lines on its eggs.
Writing machine
Same as Typewriter.
Writing master
one who teaches the art of penmanship.
Writing obligatory
(Law) a bond.
Writing paper
paper intended for writing upon with ink, usually finished with a smooth surface, and sized.
Writing school
a school for instruction in penmanship.
Writing table
a table fitted or used for writing upon.
Noun1.writing - the act of creating written works; "writing was a form of therapy for him"; "it was a matter of disputed authorship"
2.writing - the work of a writer; anything expressed in letters of the alphabet (especially when considered from the point of view of style and effect); "the writing in her novels is excellent"; "that editorial was a fine piece of writing"
3.writing - (usually plural) the collected work of an author; "the idea occurs with increasing frequency in Hemingway's writings"
4.writing - letters or symbols written or imprinted on a surface to represent the sounds or words of a language; "he turned the paper over so the writing wouldn't show"; "the doctor's writing was illegible"
5.writing - the activity of putting something in written form; "she did the thinking while he did the writing"

WRITING. The act of forming by the hand letters or characters of a particular kind on paper or other suitable substance, and artfully putting them together so as to convey ideas. It differs from printing, which is the formation of words on paper or other proper substance by means of a stamp. Sometimes by writing in understood printing, and sometimes printing and writing mixed.
     2. Many contracts are required to be in writing; all deeds for real estate must be in writing, for it cannot be conveyed by a contract not in writing, yet it is the constant practice to make deeds partly in printing, and partly in writing. Wills, except nuncupative wills, must begin writing, and signed by the testator; and nuncupative wills must be reduced to writing by the witnesses within a limited time after the testator's death.
     3. Records, bonds, bills of exchange and many other engagements, must, from their nature, be made in writing, See Frauds, statute of; Language.

To dream that you are writing, signifies some sort of communication with someone or with your conscious mind. It also denotes a mistake that you have made.alphabet, alphabetic character, art, article, artistry, authorcraft, authorship, autograph, automatic writing, best seller, black and white, blank, blueprint, book, bound book, brainchild, cacoethes scribendi, character, charactering, characterization, chart, chirograph, choreography, cipher, classic, coloring book, composition, computer printout, conventional representation, copy, creative writing, dance notation, definitive work, delineation, demonstration, depiction, depictment, device, diagram, docket, document, dossier, draft, drama, drama-writing, drawing, edited version, editorial-writing, engrossment, essay, essay-writing, exemplification, expository writing, facility in writing, fair copy, feature-writing, fiction, figuration, file, final draft, finished version, first draft, flimsy, folio, form, graph, grapheme, graphomania, graphorrhea, graphospasm, great work, hardback, hieroglyphic, holograph, iconography, ideogram, illustration, imagery, imaging, inditement, instrument, journalism, juvenile, juvenile book, legal document, legal instrument, legal paper, letter, lexigraphic character, libretto-writing, limning, limp-cover book, literae scriptae, literary artefact, literary artistry, literary composition, literary power, literary production, literary talent, literature, logogram, logograph, lucubration, magnum opus, manuscript, map, matter, monogram, musical notation, nonbook, nonfiction, notation, notebook, novel, novel-writing, official document, opus, opuscule, opusculum, original, paper, paperback, papers, parchment, pen, pencraft, penscript, personal file, phonetic character, phonetic symbol, pictogram, pictographic character, picture book, picturization, piece, piece of writing, plan, play, playbook, playwriting, pocket book, poem, portraiture, portrayal, prayer book, prefigurement, presentment, printed matter, printing, printout, production, projection, psalmbook, psalter, publication, reading matter, ready pen, realization, recension, rendering, rendition, representation, rewriting, roll, schema, score, screed, scrip, script, scrive, scroll, second draft, serial, short-story writing, sign, sketchbook, skill with words, soft-cover, songbook, standard work, storybook, syllabary, syllabic, symbol, tablature, technical writing, the written word, title, tome, trade book, transcript, transcription, typescript, verse-writing, version, volume, work, writ, written character
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