a.1.Of or pertaining to Wales, or its inhabitants.
Welsh flannel
a fine kind of flannel made from the fleece of the flocks of the Welsh mountains, and largely manufactured by hand.
Welsh glaive
a weapon of war used in former times by the Welsh, commonly regarded as a kind of poleax.
Welsh mortgage
(O. Eng. Law) a species of mortgage, being a conveyance of an estate, redeemable at any time on payment of the principal, with an understanding that the profits in the mean time shall be received by the mortgagee without account, in satisfaction of interest.
- Fairholt.
Welsh mutton
a choice and delicate kind of mutton obtained from a breed of small sheep in Wales.
- Burrill.
Welsh onion
(Bot.) a kind of onion (Allium fistulosum) having hollow inflated stalks and leaves, but scarcely any bulb, a native of Siberia. It is said to have been introduced from Germany, and is supposed to have derived its name from the German term wälsch foreign.
Welsh parsley
hemp, or halters made from hemp.
Welsh rabbit
See under Rabbit.
- J. Fletcher.
n.1.The language of Wales, or of the Welsh people.
2.The natives or inhabitants of Wales.
v. t. & i.1.To cheat by avoiding payment of bets; - said esp. of an absconding bookmaker at a race track.
Noun1.Welsh - a native or resident of Wales
Synonyms: Welshman, Cambrian
2.Welsh - a Celtic language of Wales
3.Welsh - Welsh breed of dual-purpose cattle
Synonyms: Welsh Black
Verb1.welsh - cheat by avoiding payment of a gambling debt
Adj.1.Welsh - of or relating to or characteristic of Wales or its people or their language; "the Welsh coast"; "Welsh syntax"
Synonyms: Cambrian
back out, backpedal, backwater, crawfish out, cry off, default, disallow, dishonor, dodge, dog it, duck, duck duty, get out of, goldbrick, goof off, levant, malinger, not pay, not pull fair, protest, refuse to pay, renege, repudiate, resile, shirk, skulk, slack, slide out of, slip out of, sneak out of, soldier, stop payment
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