n.1.(Mus.) The rate or degree of movement in time.
A tempo giusto
in exact time; - sometimes, directing a return to strict time after a tempo rubato.
Tempo rubato
See under Rubato.
Noun1.tempo - (music) the speed at which a composition is to be played
Synonyms: pacing
2.tempo - the rate of some repeating event
Synonyms: pace
1.TEMPO - A programming language with simple syntax and semantics designed for teaching semantic and pragmatic aspects of programming languages.

["TEMPO: A Unified Treatment of Binding Time and Parameter Passing Concepts in Programming Languages", N.D. Jones et al, LNCS 66, Springer 1978].
2.(operating system)Tempo - The original code name for Mac OS version 8.
andante tempo, arrhythmia, beating, compound time, drumming, duple time, flutter, heartbeat, heartthrob, largo, march tempo, mixed times, momentum, pace, palpitation, pitapat, pitter-patter, presto, pulsation, pulse, rag, ragtime, rat-a-tat, rataplan, rate, rhythm, rubato, sextuple time, simple time, speed, staccato, syncopation, syncope, tempo rubato, three-quarter time, throb, throbbing, time, time pattern, timing, triple time, triplet, two-four time, waltz time
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