Take off

Take´ off`
v. i.1.to begin a leap from a surface or a flight into the air; especially, (of a bird or an airplane) to leave the ground and begin to fly; as, flight CA123 took off on schedule at 3:00 PM.
2.To begin a period of accelerating growth or development; as, the economy took off in the third quarter.
3.To begin a journey; to depart.
v. t.1.To remove, as from the surface or outside; to remove from the top of anything; as, to take off a load; to take off one's hat, coat or other article of clothing; to take off a coat of paint from a surface.
2.To cut off; as, to take off the head, or a limb.
3.To destroy; as, to take off life.
4.To remove; to invalidate; as, to take off the force of an argument.
5.To withdraw; to call or draw away.
6.To swallow; as, to take off a glass of wine.
7.To purchase; to take in trade.
8.To copy; to reproduce.
9.To imitate; to mimic; to personate.
10.To find place for; to dispose of; as, more scholars than preferments can take off.
11.To discount or deduct (from a price); the dealer took off twenty percent on remaining toys.
Verb1.take off - leave; "The family took off for Florida"
2.take off - take away or remove; "Take that weight off me!"
3.take off - depart from the ground; "The plane took off two hours late"
Synonyms: lift off
4.take off - take time off from work; stop working temporarily
Synonyms: take time off
5.take off - mimic or imitate, especially in an amusing or satirical manner; "This song takes off from a famous aria"
6.take off - remove clothes; "take off your shirt--it's very hot in here"
7.take off - get started or set in motion, used figuratively; "the project took a long time to get off the ground"
8.take off - prove fatal; "The disease took off"
9.take off - make a subtraction
Synonyms: deduct, subtract
break up, cut off, disrupt, interrupt, take time off
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