v. t.1.To compress the windpipe of (a person or animal) until death results from stoppage of respiration; to choke to death by compressing the throat, as with the hand or a rope.
[imp. & p. p. Strangled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Strangling .]
2.To stifle, choke, or suffocate in any manner.
3.To hinder from appearance; to stifle; to suppress.
v. i.1.To be strangled, or suffocated.
Verb1.strangle - kill by squeezing the throat of so as to cut off the air; "he tried to strangle his opponent"; "A man in Boston has been strangling several dozen prostitutes"
2.strangle - conceal or hide; "smother a yawn"; "muffle one's anger"; "strangle a yawn"
3.strangle - die from strangulation
4.strangle - prevent the progress or free movement of; "He was hampered in his efforts by the bad weather"; "the imperilist nation wanted to strangle the free trade between the two small countries"
Synonyms: hamper, cramp, halter
5.strangle - constrict (someone's) throat and keep from breathing
Synonyms: choke
6.strangle - struggle for breath; have insufficient oxygen intake; "he swallowed a fishbone and gagged"
Synonyms: choke, gag, suffocate
To dream that you or someone else is being strangled, denotes that you are repressing or denying a vital aspect of your expression.OD, abbreviate, asphyxiate, bang, bar, barricade, batten, batten down, be killed, behead, block, block up, blockade, bolt, bottle up, bowstring, burke, burn, button, button up, censor, chock, choke, choke off, circumscribe, clamp down on, clap, close, close off, close tight, close up, coarct, compact, compress, concentrate, condense, consolidate, constrict, constringe, contain, contract, cork, cork up, cover, crack down on, cramp, crowd, crucify, crush, curtail, damp down, debar, decapitate, decollate, decrease, defenestrate, deflate, disarm, dog, draw, draw in, draw together, drown, electrocute, enchain, execute, extinguish, famish, fasten, fold, fold up, gag, garrote, guillotine, hamstring, handcuff, hobble, hog-tie, hold down, inflict capital punishment, jam, jump on, keep down, keep under, key, kill, knit, knock out, lapidate, latch, lock, lock out, lock up, manacle, muffle, muzzle, narrow, obstruct, occlude, pack, padlock, paralyze, plumb, pour water on, prostrate, pucker, pucker up, purse, put down, put out, put to death, quash, quell, quench, reduce, repress, seal, seal off, seal up, secure, shoot, shorten, shush, shut, shut down on, shut off, shut out, shut the door, shut tight, shut up, silence, sit down on, sit on, slam, smash, smother, snap, snuff out, solidify, squash, squeeze, squeeze shut, squelch, stamp out, stanch, starve, stifle, stone, stop the breath, stop up, strangulate, stultify, subdue, suffocate, suppress, throttle, trample out, trample underfoot, truss up, wrinkle, zip up, zipper
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