Steam engine

Steam´ en´gine   Pronunciation: ĕn´jĭn
1.An engine moved by steam.
Back-acting steam engine
a steam engine in which the motion is transmitted backward from the crosshead to a crank which is between the crosshead and the cylinder, or beyond the cylinder.
Portable steam engine
a steam engine combined with, and attached to, a boiler which is mounted on wheels so as to admit of easy transportation; - used for driving machinery in the field, as thrashing machines, draining pumps, etc.
Semiportable steam engine
a steam engine combined with, and attached to, a steam boiler, but not mounted on wheels.
Noun1.steam engine - external-combustion engine in which heat is used to raise steam which either turns a turbine or forces a piston to move up and down in a cylinder
boiler, crosshead, external-combustion engine, steam boiler, steam chest, steam locomotive, steamer, steamship
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