Quo warranto

Quo` war`ran´to   Pronunciation: kwō` wǒr`răn´tô
1.(Law) A writ brought before a proper tribunal, to inquire by what warrant a person or a corporation acts, or exercises certain powers.
Noun1.quo warranto - a hearing to determine by what authority someone has an office or franchise or liberty

QUO WARRANTO, remedies. By what authority or warrant. The name of a writ issued in the name of a government against any person or corporation that usurps any franchise or office, commanding the sheriff of the county to summon the defendant to be and appear before the court whence the writ issued, at a time and place therein named, to show "quo warranto" he claims the franchise or office mentioned in the writ. Old Nat. Br. 149; 5 Wheat. 291; 15 Mass. 125; 5 Ham. 358; 1 Miss. 115.
     2. This writ has become obsolete, having given way to informations in the nature of a quo warranto at the common law; Ang. on Corp. 469; it is authorized in Pennsylvania by legislative sanction. Act 14 June, 1836. Vide 1 Vern. 156; Yelv. 190; 7 Com. Dig. 189; 17 Vin. Ab. 177.
     3. An information in the nature of a quo warranto, although a criminal proceeding in form, in substance, is a civil one. 1 Serg. & Rawle, 382.

hearing, jurisprudence, law
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