a.1.Having, or conforming to, a settled system of administration.
2.Of or pertaining to public policy, or to politics; relating to affairs of state or administration; as, a political writer.
3.Of or pertaining to a party, or to parties, in the state; as, his political relations were with the Whigs.
4.Politic; wise; also, artful.
Political economy
that branch of political science or philosophy which treats of the sources, and methods of production and preservation, of the material wealth and prosperity of nations.
Adj.1.political - involving or characteristic of politics or parties or politicians; "calling a meeting is a political act in itself"- Daniel Goleman; "political pressure"; "a political machine"; "political office"; "political policy"
nonpolitical - not political
2.political - of or relating to your views about social relationships involving authority or power; "political opinions"
3.political - of or relating to the profession of governing; "political career"

POLITICAL. Pertaining to policy, or the administration of the government. Political rights are those which may be exercised in the formation or administration of the government they are distinguished from civil, rights, which are the rights which a man enjoys, as regards other individuals, and not in relation to the government. A political corporation is one which has principally for its object the administration of the government, or to which the powers of government, or a part of such powers, have been delegated. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 182, 197, 198.

absolute, administrative, aristocratic, authoritarian, autocratic, autonomous, bureaucratic, civic, civil, constitutional, democratic, despotic, dictatorial, diplomatic, factional, factious, fascist, federal, federalist, federalistic, geopolitical, governmental, gubernatorial, heteronomous, matriarchal, matriarchic, monarchal, monarchial, monarchic, monocratic, national, official, oligarchal, oligarchic, parliamentarian, parliamentary, partisan, patriarchal, patriarchic, pluralistic, politic, politico-commercial, politico-diplomatic, politico-economic, politico-geographical, politico-judicial, politico-military, politico-moral, politico-religious, politico-scientific, politico-social, politico-theological, public, republican, self-governing, state, statesmanlike, suffragist, theocratic, totalitarian
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