a.1.Of or pertaining to polity, or civil government; political; as, the body politic. See under Body.
He with his people made all but one politic body.
- Sir P. Sidney.
2.Pertaining to, or promoting, a policy, especially a national policy; well-devised; adapted to its end, whether right or wrong; - said of things; as, a politic treaty.
3.Sagacious in promoting a policy; ingenious in devising and advancing a system of management; devoted to a scheme or system rather than to a principle; hence, in a good sense, wise; prudent; sagacious; and in a bad sense, artful; unscrupulous; cunning; - said of persons.
Politic with my friend, smooth with mine enemy.
- Shak.
n.1.A politician.
Adj.1.politic - marked by artful prudence, expedience, and shrewdness; "it is neither polite nor politic to get into other people's quarrels"; "a politic decision"; "a politic manager"; "a politic old scoundrel"; "a shrewd and politic reply"
impolitic - not politic; "an impolitic approach to a sensitive issue"
2.politic - smoothly agreeable and courteous with a degree of sophistication; "he was too politic to quarrel with so important a personage"; "the hostess averted a confrontation between two guests with a diplomatic change of subject"; "the manager pacified the customer with a smooth apology for the error"; "affable, suave, moderate men...smugly convinced of their respectability" - Ezra Pound
Synonyms: smooth, suave
Daedalian, Machiavellian, Machiavellic, acute, adept, adroit, advantageous, advisable, appropriate, apt, arch, artful, artistic, astute, authoritative, becoming, befitting, bravura, brilliant, cagey, canny, careful, cautious, circumspect, civic, clean, clever, congruous, considerate, convenient, coordinated, crack, crackerjack, crafty, cunning, cute, daedal, deceitful, decent, deep, deep-laid, deft, deliberate, delicate, designing, desirable, dexterous, dextrous, diplomatic, discreet, discriminating, discriminative, enlightened, evasive, excellent, expedient, expert, fancy, favorable, feasible, felicitous, feline, fit, fitten, fitting, foxy, fructuous, geopolitical, gingerly, good, goodish, governmental, graceful, guarded, guileful, handy, happy, heedful, hesitant, ingenious, insidious, intelligent, inventive, judgmatic, judicial, judicious, knowing, leaving out nothing, likely, magisterial, masterful, masterly, meet, mindful, neat, no mean, noncommittal, on guard, opportune, overlooking no possibility, pawky, perceptive, percipient, perspicacious, political, politico-commercial, politico-diplomatic, politico-economic, politico-geographical, politico-judicial, politico-military, politico-moral, politico-religious, politico-scientific, politico-social, politico-theological, professional, proficient, profitable, proper, provident, prudent, prudential, quick, quite some, ready, recommendable, reflecting, reflective, regardful, resourceful, right, safe, sagacious, sage, scheming, seasonable, seemly, sensible, serpentine, sharp, shifty, shrewd, skillful, slick, slippery, slow to act, sly, smooth, snaky, sneaky, some, sophistical, sortable, statesmanlike, stealthy, strategic, stylish, subtile, subtle, suffragist, suitable, supple, tactful, tactical, tentative, the compleat, the complete, thorough, thoughtful, timely, to be desired, trickish, tricksy, tricky, unadventurous, uncommunicative, undaring, unenterprising, unprecipitate, useful, virtuoso, vulpine, wary, well-advised, well-done, well-judged, well-timed, wily, wise, workmanlike, worthwhile
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