Old natura brevium

OLD NATURA BREVIUM. The title of an old English book, (usually cited Vet. N. B.) so called to distinguish it from the F. N. B. It contains the writs most in use in the reign of Edward III, together with a short comment on the application and properties of each of them,

Old Icelandic
Old Irish
Old Ironsides
Old Italian
old lady
Old lang syne
Old Latin
Old Line State
old maid
old maid flower
old man
old man of the mountain
old man's beard
Old man's head
old master
old money
-- Old natura brevium --
Old Nick
Old Norse
Old North French
Old North State
old person
Old Prussian
Old red sandstone
old rose
old salt
Old Saxon
old school
old school tie
old sledge
Old song
Old South
old squaw
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