n.1.A retinue of servants; a household.
a. & pron.1.Consisting of a great number; numerous; not few.
Thou shalt be a father of many nations.
- Gen. xvii. 4.
Not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called.
- 1 Cor. i. 26.
Many a
a large number taken distributively; each one of many.
Many one
many a one; many persons.
- Shak.
The many
the majority; - opposed to the few. See Many, n.
- Bk. of Com. Prayer.
Too many
too numerous; hence, too powerful; as, they are too many for us.
- L'Estrange.
n.1.The populace; the common people; the majority of people, or of a community.
After him the rascal many ran.
- Spenser.
2.A large or considerable number.
Seeing a great many in rich gowns.
- Addison.
He is liable to a great many inconveniences.
- Tillotson.
Adj.1.many - a quantifier that can be used with count nouns and is often preceded by `as' or `too' or `so' or `that'; amounting to a large but indefinite number; "many temptations"; "the temptations are many"; "a good many"; "a great many"; "many directions"; "take as many apples as you like"; "too many clouds to see"; "never saw so many people"
few - a quantifier that can be used with count nouns and is often preceded by `a'; a small but indefinite number; "a few weeks ago"; "a few more wagons than usual"; "an invalid's pleasures are few and far between"; "few roses were still blooming"; "few women have led troops in battle"
a mass of, a world of, abounding, abundance, affluent, all-sufficing, ample, aplenty, army, assorted, at odds, at variance, bevy, billion, bottomless, bounteous, bountiful, bunch, cloud, clutter, common, considerable, contrary, contrasted, contrasting, copious, countless, covey, departing, deviating, deviative, different, differentiated, differing, diffuse, disaccordant, disagreeing, discordant, discrepant, discrete, discriminated, disjoined, disparate, dissimilar, dissonant, distinct, distinguished, divergent, diverging, diverse, diversified, effuse, epidemic, ever so many, everyday, exhaustless, extravagant, exuberant, fat, fertile, flight, flock, flocks, flush, frequent, frequentative, full, full many, galore, generous, habitual, hail, heaped-up, heterogeneous, hive, hordes, host, in disagreement, in plenty, in quantity, inaccordant, incompatible, incongruous, inconsistent, inconsonant, inexhaustible, inharmonious, innumerable, irreconcilable, jam, jillion, large amount, lavish, legion, liberal, lots, luxuriant, many and various, many times, masses, masses of, maximal, million, mob, motley, much, muchness, multifold, multiple, multiplied, multitude, multitudes, multitudinal, myriad, nest, no few, not a few, not rare, numberless, numbers, of all sorts, of common occurrence, oft-repeated, oftentime, opulent, ordinary, overflowing, pack, plenitudinous, plenteous, plentiful, plenty, plurality, poles apart, poles asunder, populous, prevailing, prevalent, prodigal, productive, profuse, profusion, profusive, quantities, quite a few, quite some, rampant, recurrent, replete, rich, rife, riotous, rout, routine, ruck, running over, scads, scores, separate, separated, shoal, shoals, superabundant, swarm, swarms, teeming, thick-coming, thousand, thousands, throng, tidy sum, tons, unconformable, uncountable, unequal, unlike, usual, variant, varied, variegated, varying, very many, voluminous, wealthy, well-found, well-furnished, well-provided, well-stocked, wholesale, widely apart, worlds apart, worlds of, zillion
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