n.1.That which is found, come upon, or provided; esp. (pl.), that which a journeyman artisan finds or provides for himself; as tools, trimmings, etc.
2.Support; maintenance; that which is provided for one; expence; provision.
3.(Law) The result of a judicial examination or inquiry, especially into some matter of fact; a verdict; as, the finding of a jury.
After his friends finding and his rent.
- Chaucer.
Noun1.finding - the act of determining the properties of something
Synonyms: determination
2.finding - the decision of a court on issues of fact or law
3.finding - something that is found; "the findings in the gastrointestinal tract indicate that he died several hours after dinner"; "an area rich in archaelogical findings"
accomplishment, accouterment, action, answer, armament, ascertainment, award, bonus, bringing to light, buried treasure, casual discovery, catching, catering, chance discovery, chandlery, clearing up, conclusion, condemnation, consideration, cracking, decipherment, decision, declaration, decoding, decree, deliverance, denouement, detection, determination, determining, diagnosis, dictum, disclosure, discovery, disentanglement, distinguishment, doom, end, end result, endowment, equipment, espial, excavation, exhumation, explanation, exposure, find, finding out, finding-out, fitting out, foundling, furnishing, furnishment, gravy, interpretation, invention, investment, issue, judgement, locating, location, logistics, lucky strike, order, outcome, outfitting, precedent, preparation, procurement, prognosis, pronouncement, providing, provision, provisioning, purveyance, reason, recognition, rediscovery, reinforcement, replenishment, resolution, resolving, result, resupply, retailing, revelation, riddling, ruling, selling, sentence, serendipity, solution, solving, sorting out, spotting, strike, subsidization, subsidy, subvention, supply, supplying, treasure trove, trouvaille, trove, uncovering, unearthing, unraveling, unriddling, unscrambling, unspinning, untangling, untwisting, unweaving, upshot, verdict, victualing, waifs, waifs and strays, windfall, windfall money, windfall profit, working, working-out
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