a.1.Relating to, or associated with, the commemoration of an event that happened a hundred years before; as, a centennial ode.
2.Happening once in a hundred years; as, centennial jubilee; a centennial celebration.
3.Lasting or aged a hundred years.
That opened through long lines
Of sacred ilex and centennial pines.
- Longfellow.
n.1.The celebration of the hundredth anniversary of any event; a centenary.
Noun1.centennial - the 100th anniversary (or the celebration of it)
Synonyms: centenary
Adj.1.centennial - of or relating to or completing a period of 100 years; "centennial celebration"
Synonyms: centenary
C, anniversary, annual, annual holiday, biannual, bicentenary, bicentennial, biennial, bimonthly, birthday, bissextile day, biweekly, catamenial, cental, centare, centenarian, centenary, centennium, centesimal, centigrado, centigram, centimeter, centipede, centistere, centred, centref, centrev, centumvir, centumvirate, centuple, centuplicate, centurial, centurion, century, commemoration, cwt, daily, decennial, diamond jubilee, diurnal, fortnightly, golden wedding anniversary, gross, hebdomadal, hecatomb, holy days, hourly, hundred, hundredfold, hundredth, hundredweight, immovable feast, jubilee, leap year, long hundred, menstrual, momentary, momently, monthly, name day, natal day, octennial, one C, quadrennial, quarterly, quasquicentennial, quincentenary, quincentennial, quinquennial, quotidian, secular, semestral, semiannual, semimonthly, semiweekly, semiyearly, septennial, sesquicentenary, sesquicentennial, sextennial, silver wedding anniversary, tercentenary, tercentennial, tertian, tricennial, triennial, wedding anniversary, weekly, yearly
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