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(body)Association for Computing - (ACM, before 1997 - "Association for Computing Machinery") The largest and oldest international scientific and educational computer society in the industry. Founded in 1947, only a year after the unveiling of ENIAC, ACM was established by mathematicians and electrical engineers to advance the science and application of Information Technology. John Mauchly, co-inventor of the ENIAC, was one of ACM's founders.

Since its inception ACM has provided its members and the world of computer science a forum for the sharing of knowledge on developments and achievements necessary to the fruitful interchange of ideas.

ACM has 90,000 members - educators, researchers, practitioners, managers, and engineers - who drive the Association's major programs and services - publications, special interest groups, chapters, conferences, awards, and special activities.

The ACM Press publishes journals (notably CACM), book series, conference proceedings, CD-ROM, hypertext, video, and specialized publications such as curricula recommendations and self-assessment procedures.

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