Asian nation

Noun1.Asian nation - countries occupying the Asian continent
Synonyms: Asian country
Afghanistan, Al-Iraq, Annam, Armenia, Asia, Asian country, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani Republic, Azerbajdzhan, Azerbajdzhan Republic, Bahrain, Bahrein, Bangla Desh, Bangladesh, Bharat, Bhutan, Burma, Cambodia, China, Communist China, country, D.P.R.K., Democratic People's Republic of Korea, DPRK, East Pakistan, Georgia, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Hayastan, India, Irak, Iran, Iraq, Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Islamic State of Afghanistan, Japan, Jordan, Kampuchea, Katar, Kazak, Kazakh, Kazakhstan, Kazakstan, Kingdom of Bhutan, Kingdom of Cambodia, Kingdom of Nepal, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Thailand, Kirghiz, Kirghizia, Kirghizstan, Kirgiz, Kirgizia, Kirgizstan, Koweit, Kuwait, Kyrgyz Republic, Kyrgyzstan, land, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Laos, Lebanese Republic, Lebanon, mainland China, Malaya, Malaysia, Mongolia, Mongolian People's Republic, Muscat and Oman, Myanmar, Nepal, Nihon, Nippon, North Korea, North Vietnam, Oman, Outer Mongolia, Pakistan, People's Republic of Bangladesh, People's Republic of China, Persia, PRC, Qatar, Red China, Republic of Armenia, Republic of India, Republic of Iraq, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, Republic of Singapore, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Uzbekistan, Republic of Yemen, Sakartvelo, Saudi Arabia, Siam, Singapore, Sitsang, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, South Korea, South Vietnam, state, State of Bahrain, State of Katar, State of Kuwait, State of Qatar, Sultanate of Oman, Syria, Syrian Arab Republic, Tadjik, Tadzhik, Tadzhikistan, Tajik, Tajikistan, Thailand, Thibet, Tibet, Union of Burma, United Arab Emirates, Uzbek, Uzbekistan, Viet Nam, Vietnam, West Pakistan, Xizang, Yemen
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