master of ceremonies

Noun1.master of ceremonies - a person who acts as host at formal occasions (makes an introductory speech and introduces other speakers)
Synonyms: emcee, host
AFTRA, Abbot of Unreason, DJ, Lord of Misrule, MC, anchor man, announcer, attorney, auteur, bailiff, ballyhoo man, barker, broadcaster, butler, callboy, commentator, costume designer, costumer, costumier, croupier, curator, custodian, director, disk jockey, emcee, equestrian director, exhibitor, factor, guardian, housekeeper, impresario, landreeve, librarian, majordomo, makeup man, marshal, news commentator, newscaster, playreader, proctor, procurator, producer, program director, programmer, prompter, radiobroadcaster, ringmaster, scenewright, seneschal, set designer, showman, social director, sound-effects man, spieler, sportscaster, stage director, stage manager, steward, theater man, theatrician, ticket collector, toastmaster, usher, usherer, usherette
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