Prunus cerasus

Noun1.Prunus cerasus - rather small Eurasian tree producing red to black acid edible fruit
amarelle, cherry, cherry tree, marasca, marasca cherry, maraschino cherry, morello, Prunus cerasus austera, Prunus cerasus caproniana, Prunus cerasus marasca, sour cherry, sour cherry tree
pruning hook
pruning knife
pruning saw
pruning shears
Prunus alleghaniensis
Prunus americana
Prunus amygdalus
Prunus angustifolia
Prunus armeniaca
Prunus avium
Prunus besseyi
Prunus capuli
Prunus caroliniana
Prunus cerasifera
-- Prunus cerasus --
Prunus cerasus austera
Prunus cerasus caproniana
Prunus cerasus marasca
Prunus cuneata
Prunus dasycarpa
Prunus demissa
Prunus domestica
Prunus domestica insititia
Prunus dulcis
Prunus dulcis amara
Prunus glandulosa
Prunus ilicifolia
Prunus incisa
Prunus insititia
Prunus japonica
Prunus laurocerasus
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