Carte blanche

Carte` blanche´
1.A blank paper, with a person's signature, etc., at the bottom, given to another person, with permission to superscribe what conditions he pleases. Hence: Unconditional terms; unlimited authority.
Noun1.carte blanche - complete freedom or authority to act

CARTE BLANCHE. The signature of an individual or more, on a while. paper, with a sufficient space left above it to write a note or other writing.
     2. In the course of business, it not unfrequently occurs that for the sake of convenience, signatures in blank are given with authority to fill them up.. These are binding upon the parties. But the blank must be filled up by the very person authorized. 6 Mart. L. R. 707. Vide Ch. on Bills, 702 Penna. R. 200. Vide Blank.

ample scope, authority, blank check, clearance, copyright, discretion, dispensation, elbowroom, favor, field, franchise, free course, free hand, free play, free scope, freedom, full authority, full power, full scope, full swing, grant, immunity, indulgence, latitude, leeway, liberty, license, long rope, maneuvering space, margin, no holds barred, open mandate, open space, patent, permission, play, power, power of attorney, prerogative, privilege, range, right, room, rope, sanction, say, say-so, scope, sea room, space, special favor, swing, tolerance, warrant, way, wide berth
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